Fort Macon

FORT MACON, Atlantic Beach, NC April 17th
Captain Curt Cole and his “Yankee Horde”at
Fort Macon
Inspection Arms!
Cpl Corey Adams..
Anticipating Battle
2nd Sgt Jerry Roberts…”What are YOU looking at?”
Confederate 6 pounder being fired inside Fort Macon
Sgt Jerry Roberts working on 1863 Enfield and explaning his actions to a very interested young man
Stairs inside the Fort Macon that were hit with a Union cannonball at the 1862 bombardment
at the beach
Cpl Corey Adams talking to a visitor about the war and what we do
Cooking chow at Fort Macon “Mmmmmm we love beans”
Kids drilling at Ft Macon
Battle Underway!
Flag of the State of North Carolina before we adopted our present flag.
You never know who will show up at an re-enactment!
Troop living quarters
1st National Flag
flying over the Fort
on Sunday!